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Not every marriage has a happy ending. Divorce can be difficult, and so can life after divorce. Be certain you are receiving an equal portion of the life you are leaving behind, including time with your children, child support and alimony. If you know filing for divorce is the only way to escape your situation, call Kevin Lemley Law Partners today for a free consultation. We also help victims of domestic violence receive the protection and closure they deserve. Continue reading to learn more information about our family law services and how our family law attorneys can help you today

For these and other family law concerns in Augusta, Batesville, Benton, Bryant, Cabot, Conway, Hazen, Jacksonville, Newport, North Little Rock, Searcy, Sherwood, or Stuttgart, AR, the attorneys at Kevin Lemley Law Partners can help. Call today.

Filing for Divorce?

When you entered your marriage, you probably envisioned a lifetime of love and happiness-divorce was not a part of that vision. Sometimes marriages don't work out as planned and divorce may be the solution for you. If you've begun to consider divorce as an option, schedule an appointment with Kevin Lemley Law Partners to discuss your options and learn more about the process and the laws that affect you in Judsonia, Bald Knob, Des Arc, and Hazen AR, and the surrounding areas. During your consultation you'll get a better understanding of the law, how it applies to you and next steps. Whether you decide that divorce is the path for you or you choose another path, having all of the relevant information will be helpful.

Alimony You Deserve

Divorce often leaves a gap of income for one of the people involved. Every situation is different, and Arkansas alimony laws can be complicated and confusing for the lay person. Let an attorney skilled in alimony law help you through the process of discovering whether you qualify for financial support after your divorce. Call Kevin Lemley Law Partners today.

Child Custody

The relationships you build with your children while they're young will grow to be healthy relationships when they're adults. Make sure that you're getting to spend quality time with them under your own roof as is spelled out in the law. If you are seeking custody of your children or grandchildren, or simply need a visitation plan, Kevin Lemley Law Partners will fight on your side. Get the legal representation you need when you contact us now.

Child Support

Every child is entitled to proper care and support from both parents. Whether you feel that your child is not getting proper child support from the other parent or you're being overcharged for support, Kevin Lemley Law Partners can help. We'll get the agreement squared away in a court of law so that your child will get everything he or she deserves.

Escape Domestic Violence

Safety is a paramount right of every citizen. If you don't feel safe in your home or relationship because of your spouse or partner, it's time to get legal assistance to change that. Because this is a sensitive issue, we work with compassion while aggressively seeking to make sure that your rights and safety are protected. Please call us today for the help that you need.