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It isn't pleasant to think about what will happen to your belongings after you pass away. Unfortunately, it's important to make plans to protect your estate and loved ones. You need an estate planning attorney from Kevin Lemley Law Partners. We work with wills and trusts in Cabot, AR.

If you choose to write a will, your affairs will become public through the time-consuming probate process. That's why we recommend trusts to many clients. These private contracts protect your assets and allow your loved ones to avoid probate.

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3 good reasons to get estate planning services

Many people put off estate planning. They don't realize how important it is, and then it becomes too late. Wills and trusts can:

  • Make your passing less stressful for loved ones
  • Ensure your assets are distributed the way you want them to be
  • Allow you to assign guardians for your children or other dependents
Why let the government decide what happens to your estate once you're gone? Hire a skilled estate planning attorney in Cabot, AR today.